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Important Information on Heel Pain and Heel Wellness

Heel Pain Breakthrough

Today’s eating habits wreak havoc with our Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) constitutions. Yes we have advanced tremendously but are we healthier because of it, quite frankly no. With diabetes, hypertension, stroke and many other diseases on the increase it has to have something to do with what we are doing to our bodies.
Here is what Dr. Ben Balzer, a general family physician from Sydney, Australia had to say. " I was feeling tired, bloated, and sluggish. I had heel pain syndrome (heel spur) for two and a half years, despite cortisone shots and physical therapy.
Fortunately 10 years earlier I'd heard a noted Australian professor of medicine mention the Paleolithic diet. The first thing I noticed on the diet was a feeling of a surge in my vitality. Within two weeks, my heel pain syndrome disappeared - a totally unexpected effect."
Not only can diet make an unexpected breakthrough in heel pain relief, but a caring father in Nicaragua solved his daughter’s heel pain by experimenting utilizing his shoemaking skills to create an advanced insole to relieve his ailing daughter’s heel pain discomfort. In conclusion if you are experiencing heel pain you do have choices, insoles for exterior pain relief and diet changes for an inner body healthy change plus don’t forget exercise.

"I had severe heel pain for more than a year when I finally went to see a doctor. He first gave me insoles to try, but they brought no relief, so he began giving me shots for the pain. On a visit home, my father studied the insoles supplied by my doctor and saw right away that they didn’t support my heel correctly. So he made a pair of insoles for me in his shop. I was walking without pain within two hours."
Maria - Nagarote, Nicaragua   
"I had a bout with plantar fasciitis in my left foot about 3 years ago. During this time I tried many different known methods of treatment, including stretching, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications, shoe inserts, etc. I finally resorted to getting cortisone shot in the bottom of my foot. The shot did cure my plantar fasciitis symptoms.
Recently, I felt the same discomfort and pain in my right foot. So learning from my last bought with this very painful issue I made an appointment to get a shot of cortisone to take care of it. I mentioned this to a fellow colleague and he suggested some inserts for my shoes. I told him I have already been down that road and that they don’t work for me. He said these are unlike any inserts you have ever tried. I told him I will be the judge of that! So I went ahead and tried them because I really don’t like the idea of having to get a shot. About a week into using the inserts I noticed my pain was gone and 3 months later still no pain or discomfort...Nice product! I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis ".
Bryan Houck, Sherwood, Oregon   
"First of all I would like to say that your Heel-Well insoles for my shoes helped me beyond my expectations. It helped my heal spur within a month and a half and knowing what I thought was going to have to do is no longer needed. According to the doctor I had two options first one to get injections on my heal spur, or second have surgery and cure it, but none of that seemed to convince me. Overall I really appreciate it and glad that it helped me tremendously and thank you very much for carrying this product. I’m sure Heel-Well is helping many people".
Rita Cunningham, Boerne, Texas   

"You will Love the Pain Relief when walking on Heel-Well Insoles. I Guarantee it!"
Jim Warren

The Heel-Well site is constructed in an entirely new format to help you get the information you need to make an informed decision on your heel pain options and how to proceed with the purchase of an effective heel pain relief insole. Please with any medical condition it is highly recommended you seek the advise of your medical provider. The Hand Crafted Heel-Well Insole was discovered on a personal vacation trip to visit a family in Nicaragua by Jim Warren who at the time was suffering with severe Plantar Fasciitis heel pain discomfort - see the Heel-Well Story Page.

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